My phuntsokcholing

Board and Finance


On this page you will find the information that comes from the legal requirements surrounding ANBI. This information is necessary as the government has obliged all ANBIs since 1 January 2014 to provide more transparency and accountability, whereby donors, beneficiaries and beneficiaries gain more insight into the functioning of philanthropic institutions. The ANBIs must present the information referred to in the law in an accessible manner to the public on the internet (their own or industry site).

Anual Report

Board and organisation

Stichting Phuntsok Chö Ling
RSIN / Tax number: 816828349
Visiting and postal address: Oostkousdijk 17 b, 3024 CL Rotterdam

The board:
In 2023, the duties, responsibilities and powers of the board were laid down as follows:

Michel Jansen – Chairman
Martha La Torre – Secretary
Tine Langedijk – Controller

To work for a better society and a better environment as well as for self-realization, based on and in accordance with the Buddhist philosophy.

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