My phuntsokcholing

House Rules

Measures related to the Coronavirus

It remains very important to adhere to the rules necessary to prevent the spread of Corona. We would like to ask you to bring a face mask to be able to maintain a safe situation upon arrival, during breaks and upon departure. The measures in the temple are:

  1. Stay at home if you feel unwell, have a cough, or have a fever. Even if your housemates are sick, do not come to the temple.
  2. Disinfect your hands upon arrival and wash your hands regularly
  3. Cough into your elbow and use a tissue
  4. Keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters everywhere, but certainly also near the coffee / tea table. Be constantly alert and give each other space. Both the kitchen and the toilets are difficult places, make sure there is a maximum of 1 person at the same time.
  5. Bring a mouth cap. When you walk around you wear this mouth mask, when you sit down, both in the foyer and in the temple you can take off the mouth mask.
  6. Keep everything clean and help with the dishes, cleaning the toilet and sweeping the floor if possible.
  7. Give Lama Jigmé space, take a step back when he enters the temple, so that he can keep enough distance and stay healthy.