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You can support Phuntsok Chö Ling in different ways. For example, it is possible to donate an amount to our foundation. We are an ANBI certified foundation. This allows you to deduct your donation from the tax under certain conditions. Please check at ANBI at this website.

In addition, it is possible to make a donation to our teacher Lama Jigmé. The ANBI scheme does not apply to this.

Other forms of donating

If you don’t have time to go on retreat yourself or if you would like to support someone in their practice, you can sponsor a retreat. In this way you build a profound spiritual connection. If you want to make a donation for this purpose, please mention ‘Sponsorship retreat’ with the transfer.

The teachings of Tibetan Buddhism advise that after someone dies, certain rituals are done for 49 days. These are necessary to guide the consciousness of the deceased during the difficult period between death and the next rebirth. The spiritual merits of this practice are then dedicated to the deceased. Through Lama Jigmé, Phuntsok Chö Ling can ensure that these rituals are properly performed in Tibetan monasteries. To pay for this, you can make a periodic donation. If you would like to make a donation for this purpose, please include ’49 Days of Practice’ with the transfer. You can also make a vow for a deceased person, to harm no one, including animals, for a period of time, for example, by not eating meat.

Would you like to know more about donating to Phuntsok Chö Ling? Please contact us at 010-3073142 or

Donations can be transferred to:
Stichting Phuntsok Chö Ling Rotterdam
IBAN: NL40 TRIO 0391 0315 38