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04 TILL 08 JANUARY 2023

Phowa Study week

5 day Studyweek with Lama Jigmé

NOTE: Registration is closed from 01-01-’23. For questions please contact:

Phowa is an authentic, traditional and extraordinary Mahayana method or meditation practice to transform any negative emotion or thought. Whether you are a Buddhist or not, follow a religion or not, one day we will all die. We do not know when we will die nor can we avoid death. Are you sure you won’t be frightened at the time of death? So now is the time to seize this great opportunity to learn and practice.

The practice of Phowa is a very powerful method that instantly purifies your perception. Phowa is meditation with wisdom. To practice it, it is important to experience the true nature of the mind. If we have trained this enough during our lifetime, we will be able to use this method at the time of our death. Then, when the time comes, we will be able to successfully transfer our consciousness. Only the body dies and the mind then, depending on the level of the practitioner, will know many ways to achieve true freedom. And will be liberated from all suffering.

Lama Jigmé is a very experienced authentic teacher, who received this methodology himself from an extraordinary and authentic master of a pure, short and authentic lineage. To receive teachings from him is a rare opportunity which will benefit you in many ways. His way of teaching is open and direct. His teachings are very practical and accessible to the public. It is Lama Jigmé’s deepest aspiration to share these teachings with those who wish to receive them, thereby supporting people at the most important and vulnerable point in their lives: the moment of death.


Participation is only possible for those who are able to attend all days in person at the center of Phuntsok Chö Ling. Because Phowa teachings are very in-depth one should attend all teachings from Wednesday until Sunday and online participation is not possible.*

Since ultimately it is for Lama Jigmé to decide whether you are approved to receive the teachings you are kindly requested to register in time. Also in case this is your first time receiving the Phowa teachings from Lama Jigme, please note this with your online registration. It might be that we need some more information about your background regarding Buddhist teachings and experience.

Because Phowa is a profound and powerful practice, it is only suitable for people without major mental limitations and who are emotionally stable. Please take your responsibility in this.

*If you have received Phowa teachings before (or live abroad) it is possible to attend online upon request. Please contact us before registration at:

Practical information

Location: Phuntsok Chö Ling, Oostkousdijk 17B, 3024 CL Rotterdam.
Times: Wednesday 4 January untill Sunday January 8th, daily from 09:30 a.m. – 13:00 p.m. During the teaching there is a break, coffee and tea are provided. If you want to eat something, bring it yourself. Lunch is not provided.
Language: English.
What to bring: In the temple are cushions, chairs and blankets. Also practice-books are available for use in the tempel. Please bring a notebook and pen and socks or slippers if you like.
Audio and Video recordings: It is not allowed to make audio and video recordings or photos during the study week.

For questions we can be reached at:

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