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Studying and meditating at PCL

From September 13th, 2021, all classes started their programs. Every evening has its own subject and approach. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the program is coordinated with Luxembourg and Lama Jigmé will give teachings to both centers via internet at the same time. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the emphasis is on joint practice. In all classes you meditate and / or study with others at the level that appeals to you. This way you inspire each other and meditation really becomes part of your daily life. You can see the total Buddhist doctrine as a very large supermarket. You can choose what you like to eat, do the shopping, and then prepare the meal. This example shows that it is really about learning and choosing what is right for you.

Please note: As long as measures are in place to prevent the spread of the corona virus, classes can also be followed online on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays *

Our program looks like this in brief (click on a class for more information):

  • Mind Training class A
    Subject: Principles of Ethical Conduct (cont.)
    Study class – on Wednesday evenings, with almost weekly teachings from Lama Jigmé, via webinar
    NOTE: Enrolling in this class is only possible if you intend to follow the entire study period 2021-2022.
  • Mind Training class B
    Subject: The Brightly Shining Sun – Patrul Rinpoche (cont.)
    Study class – on Monday evenings, with almost weekly teachings from Lama Jigmé, via webinar
    NOTE: Enrolling in this class is only possible if you intend to follow the entire study period 2021-2022.


  • Meditation Class A
    Learn the basics of meditation – on Thursday evenings, with a monthly live teaching from Lama Jigmé
  • Meditation Class B
    Practice Phowa or Chöd together – on Tuesday evenings, for students who received these teachings


  • Study Mornings
    Learn the basics of the Buddhist doctrine – once a month on Saturday mornings, with a live teaching from Lama Jigmé

1. Open Meditation Evening

On this evening our beautiful temple is open to all, regardless of age, background or experience in meditation. No to worry if you have no experience at all. There are always students present to help you on your way.

Class: Open Meditation
Rate: Donation-based, free for members (incl. punch cards and friend-subscription)
Check the calendar for current dates

2. Learn the basic principles of the Buddhist doctrine
Once a month, on Thursday evening there is a teaching on the basic principles of meditation. Throughout the year there are several study cycles on Saturday mornings. During these mornings you will learn about the basic principles of the Buddhist views. They can be followed as a sequence but the teachings are also suitable to be attended separately.

Class: attending separate teachings, retreats or study mornings.
Rate: vary
Check the calendar for current schedule

3: The 7 punch card

Become acquainted with meditation and our centre without obligations. With this card you can attend mediation classes A & B, and open meditations, at your own convenience. As a bonus, after fully using your punch card you can take a peak in Mind-training class A.

Class: Meditation class A & B
Rate: € 85 (full price ) / €65 (student price) /No discount on public teachings and/or other activities organised by PCL.
Bonus: 1 free class in  Mind-training class A
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4: Become a friend of PCL 

Learn about meditation and support our centre. With  the friend of subscription you can follow the mediation class A & B whenever it suits you. You can also attend the open meditation afternoons. In addition you support our centre and Lama Jigmé’s vision to share meditation with as many people as possible.

Class: Meditation class A & B
Rate: €17,50 monthly
No discount on public teachings or other PCL activities
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5: Study-membership

Deepen your study and learn how to train your mind. With a full membership you can attend mind-training classes A & B.
In these mind-training classes Lama Jigmé teaches every week about various subjects and you learn how you can train your mind.

Class: Mind-training class A Mind-training class B, Meditation class A and Meditation class B
Rate: €30 monthly
Discount on public teachings, retreats and other PCL activities
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Want to attend one of our classes? Create an account on and chose the subscription that suits you. Or check here for a full overview of all our subscriptions and rates. If you have any questions in advance please don’t hesitate to contact the facilitators of one of the classes (through the e-mail address of the corresponding class).