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Principles of ethical conduct:
How to lead a life of goodness (cont.)

The teachings of the new chapter will start from januari 2022.

If we wish to lead a life that is fulfilling and successful, and even more so if we seek to go deeper and discover the spiritual meaning of our life, we need to make sure that our conduct is in line with our lofty aspirations. The Buddhist teachings explain very clearly that happiness and success can only be achieved by following certain basic principles of ethical conduct. This is because of the unfailing nature of karmic cause and effect: positive deeds of body, speech and mind produce the seeds of happiness, whereas negative actions are the causes of further suffering. Moreover, those aspiring to follow a spiritual path can only do so based on the accumulations of merit and wisdom, and again ethical conduct is fundamental to our spiritual progress.

This course will explore the principles of ethical conduct as they apply both to our day-to-day existence and to our spiritual path. The text serving as the basis for the course will be the Treatise on the Modes of Conduct by the extraordinary Tibetan master and polymath of the 19th century, Mipham Jamyang Namgyal Gyatso (1846-1912).

Practical information

Mindtraining class A focuses on study. The lessons are based on an authentic Buddhist text, but concern a universally applicable subject. Participation in this class is open to everyone regardless of background and experience.
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